Happy and Healthy Fall

We want you to be ready to have a Happy and Healthy Fall!  With seasons changing and kids back to school we will be dealing with more germs! Lets boost our bodies by using dōTERRA's immune boosting power! We will be playing with these 7 products showing you tips & tricks on how to incorporate these products for the most successful fall & winter season ever!

  • Oregano is a powerhouse oil that is full of antibacterial + antiviral properties. Oregano is a hot oil, so the Touch roller is perfect for application. The Oregano Touch is already pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil for safe topical application.

  • Copiaba is amazing! It offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immune support, and neurological support. If you don't have this essential oil yet, click here to get it!

  • So if you are using the same old, same old hand sanitizer and not yet switched over to On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist...what are you waiting for?? Say no to yucky germs and yes to a sanitizer that finally works to keep you healthy!!

  • Everyday you need to be diffusing On Guard, and putting it on the bottoms of all the feet in your home, before you fall asleep at night! This essential oil blend from dōTERRA is the bomb at Boosting Immunity and keeping your family Healthy this Fall!

  • Did you know that 70% of your entire Immune System is in your guts?? Yep! Did you know that you can take PB Assist or PB Assist Jr. which is an amazing probiotic with pre and probiotics! It's double encapsulated with the prebiotic fiber to help the probiotic be able to make it through your harsh stomach acids. That way the probiotic can make its way to the intestines to be absorbed!

  • Oh My Goodness...if you are ever sick, plan on being sick, around other people that are sick, or you work with people...you need On Guard Plus Softgels. These softgels are the Superheros of your Medicine Cabinet!! The On Guard + softgels include On Guard, Melissa, Black Pepper, and Oregano.

  • Breathe helps you breathe. It's amazing for supporting your respiratory system! Perfect for the diffuser, at bedtime.


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